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Recruit CRM helps you streamline and automate your entire workflow. Right from sourcing quality candidates to screening and hiring them, it helps you manage your teams, candidates, clients, and open positions with ease.

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Source the Top Talent

Add candidates and clients to yourrecruiting databasefrom LinkedIn, Xing, and more in just one click using our Chrome Sourcing extension.

Send Emails in Bulk

Send and schedule personalized emails to hundreds of candidates and contacts at once. Make emailing easier with our dozens of free email templates!

Integrate Major Apps with the Software

Recruit CRM offers the highest number of zaps compared to any other recruiting software in the market. Keep everything in one place with Zapier (allows 3000+ integrations), Gmail, Logic Melon, Outlook, and more.

Visualize Your Hiring Pipeline

Make your recruiting workflow visually appealing and interactive with our Kanban Board. Drag and drop candidates or contacts within hiring pipelines to change their stages.

Customize the Entire System

Make changes to the platform easily as per your business needs. Recruit CRM is 100% customizable and lets you make the tweaks in a jiffy.

Do Advanced Search

Leverage powerful filters and keyword options to quickly scan through resumes and your candidate database. You can make advanced searches using our Boolean and Radius search features.

Measure Analytics and Performance

Gain insights into every aspect of your business and make informed data-driven decisions. Number crunching was never this easy before.

Manage Invoices at One Place

Generate customized invoices and email them to your client. Automate invoicing and keep track of the revenue generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recruiting software?

A recruiting software helps you optimize your entire hiring process. Using it, you can effectively source, screen, and hire top talent from your candidate pool.

A recruitment management system is a suite ofHR recruiting toolsthat help you manage candidates, contacts, job roles, teams, and more in one place.

A recruiting software offers a wide range of functions and helps recruiters save a lot of time, effort, and money.

It helps headhunters make placements faster, increases their productivity, and improves both recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts.

A well-featured recruitment software will give you the highest ROI and help you keep up with your competition in the recruitment industry.

A recruiting software enables you to get rid of major hiring challenges.

Here are some top benefits of using a recruitment automation tool:

-Helps you source high-quality candidates

-Speeds up the process

-Increases your productivity

-Creates and manages a candidate and client database

-Organizes the entire recruitment process

Recruit CRM offers the best features to streamline your workflow. It serves as a single solution to manage, automate, and generate a higher ROI while recruiting.

It is 100% customizable, and you can start using it in less than 5 minutes!

Apart from providing some of the coolest features, Recruit CRM also helps recruiters submit candidates to their hiring managers in one single click!

With 24/7 live customer support we address all user queries in under two minutes!

Arecruitment automation softwareoptimizes and digitizes each step involved in the talent acquisition process. It understands your hiring needs and accordingly helps you target the right candidates using AI and machine learning.

AI-powered recruitment software also hosts an inbuilt database that helps recruiters get rid of manual data entry.

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