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Your Handy Guide to a Robust Recruiting Software: Uncover Top 10 Features and Benefits

Have manual candidate and client entries, follow-ups, and sourcing been consuming most of your time and disrupting your workflow?

It’s time you considered a recruiting software!

Get started with this comprehensive guide to uncovering all that you need to learn about a recruitment software and understand which talent management tool is right for you and your staffing firm.

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What is a recruiting software?

A Recruiting Software is a suite of digital tools that helps to automate the process of recruiting.

It also helps recruiters with scheduling video interviews and onboarding new hires.

An HR recruitment software typically includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Customer Relationship Management System
(CRM), and various digital tools (like interviewing software, emailing tools, chatbots, etc.)
to accelerate the recruiting process.

How Does a Recruitment Software Work?

recruitment software is designed to help recruiters turbocharge their process by collecting and organizing data on
potential candidates and then using that data to identify and contact the best candidates for each position.

It starts with a company inputting data on open positions and the desired qualifications for those positions.

The software then collects data on potential candidates from a variety of sources, including job boards, social media, and resume databases.
Once the data is collected, a recruiting software uses AI and machine learning to identify the candidates that are the best match for each position.

The system then presents the results to the company, which can further contact the candidates and start the hiring process.

This may seem like a lot of work, but a recruiting software can do all this and more in a jiffy!

What Are the Different Types of Recruiting Software?

Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System is a software used to source, manage, and track the top talent from the candidate pool, along with performing a lot of other functions.

Using artificial intelligence, an ATS streamlines the hiring workflow by identifying the best and most qualified candidates for a given position.

It also helps recruiters and hiring managers with detailed information and assessment metrics accessible through user-friendly dashboards.

Customer Relationship Management System

A Customer Relationship Management System is a software solution used to manage an organization’s client base through a consolidated view of every prospect’s details.

A recruitment CRM helps you manage all your clients and contacts in one place.

Recruiters use this software to retain and nurture existing customer relationships to ensure the growth of their recruitment agency.


10 Robust Features to Look out for in an HR Recruitment Software

Most recruiting software are 100% customizable.

This means you can customize your entire workflow to meet the unique requirements of different clients and companies.

Right from your database to the reports and dashboards, you can personalize everything within the system.
Interview Scheduling
Scheduling interviews between HR teams and candidates is a very important step in recruiting, and this is exactly why it should be done in a streamlined manner.

A recruiting software makes it easier to schedule video interviews by automating the process.

Users can also add meeting notes and send personalized invites to the attendees.
Candidate and Client Management
An ATS+CRM software helps you religiously build and maintain a talent pipeline by storing candidate information securely.

You can oversee job prospects, clients, and company contacts in a single platform and interact with them to enhance clientele and candidate relationship management process.
ATS integrations help incorporate certain features into the existing system from external sources that can enhance the overall quality of the recruitment procedure.

A few recruiting software allows you to integrate more than 5000 applications to smoothen your talent acquisition process.
Bulk Emailing
Most recruiters prefer communicating with candidates and clients via. Emails, and they have to send out these outreach messages in bulk.

An easy recruitment hack to minimize manual tasks is to use the bulk emailing features that helps send similar emails at once to a large audience.

Emails about job updates, policy alterations, and many more are sent to candidates through the same process, and the best part is that the placeholders can be personalized.
Reports & Dashboard
This feature allows recruiters to generate detailed reports of the outcomes of the hiring process and even present them to their clients.

Users can also create well-defined dashboards to track their team’s performance.

This feature makes measuring KPIs super easy.
An ATS + CRM software allows you to create invoices to make sure that your finances are not messed with.

Once the candidate is placed, you automatically generate a bill and send it to your clients in no time.

You can also keep track of whether the payment was made or not.

This makes your billings and payment process more transparent.
Resume Parsing
Filtering and sorting from resumes is a tedious process, but to make it simpler for you, the resume parsing feature helps extract the desired information from a pool of resumes

This way talent acquisition professionals can structure and manage the information better.

The data that are largely streamlined include name, contact information, work experience, skills, etc.
Candidate Sourcing
There’s no recruitment without candidate sourcing and to improve this process, most recruiting software provides a sourcing Chrome extension.

You can find high-quality candidates from various career sites and add them to your applicant database.

This feature also helps you to tap into the pool of passive candidates.
Advanced search is a smarter way to direct the search mechanism to display the most desired results within the database.

Through powerful filters like radius and boolean search, you can derive the accurate results you want in no time.

9 Awesome Benefits of Using a Recruitment Agency Software


Speeds up the Recruitment Process

By storing all the resumes in one place, a recruitment software helps hiring teams quickly identify the best candidates.

It reduces manual labor, thereby reducing the overall cost and time taken to hire.


Reduces Administrative Work

Arecruitment automation tool helps automate most of the recruiter’s time-consuming tasks like job posting on multiple channels, scheduling interviews, Resume Parsingbackground checks, etc.

Such automations give hiring teams extra control over their work and allow them to focus on other vital aspects of the recruiting process


Improves Team Collaboration

#RecTech keeps recruitment leaders updated on every task their team is handling. It also allows easy sharing of candidates’ information with team members who need them.

They can easily assign different roles to their team members and control who have access to what information, thus, improving team engagement.


Secures Sensitive Data

A recruitment agency software keeps all job applicants’ data confidential, whether gathered through their profile or during the hiring process and avoids any data leakage.

With password-protected access and data encryption, recruiters can keep their candidate’s data secure and accessible only to their team members.


Builds and Segments Talent Pool

An Applicant Tracking System allows users to build their talent pool for future roles and openings, so that they can use this goldmine to search for the right candidate whenever the need arises.

It also helps categorize talents into different groups based on criteria such as job position, skills, experience, location, etc., which makes it easier to find them in a short amount of time.


Manages Job Applicants

A well-featured HR software continuously updates candidate’s profile with new information as per data gathered through automated surveys and interactions.

It keeps the candidate database live, relevant, and always accessible to recruiters so they can engage with candidates whenever a new role pops up.


Speeds up the Recruitment Process

Candidate engagementis one of the most critical aspects of recruiting. A recruiting software makes this engagement seamless by keeping candidates in the loop and improving communication channels.

HR tools like chatbots automate response emails, solve basic queries, and update candidates about their application status, enhancing their overall experience.


Reduces Administrative Work

Cloud-based recruiting softwareallows recruiters to access candidates’ or clients’ information from anywhere and at any time, so recruiters don’t have to stick to their office desks 24/7 for work.

This gives recruiters the flexibility to work at their pace, improving their productivity and reinforcing authentic relationships with candidates.


Improves Team Collaboration

One of the key benefits of recruitment agency software is its ability to create targeted email campaigns to ensure timely and personalized communication with candidates.

Recruiters can utilize email templates and schedule and send personalized bulk emails to every candidate with a single click.

Email automation also helps with recruitment marketingand employer branding.

How to Choose the Best Recruiting Software?

Among all the HR software options in the market, it might be a tough task to select the one that caters to all your needs, but we have decoded the process of choosing the tool for yourself.

Step 1
Define Your Key Recruitment Goals and Challenges

You must identify the very reason why you need a recruiting software.

Listing out your staffing agency’s goals and challenges will give you a clear idea of what features to look for in the hiring software.

Step 2
Identify the Recruitment Software Features

The next step is to identify the features a recruitment software offers. Once recruiters know what challenges they want to mitigate, they can specifically evaluate which recruitment tool is better for them.

Want to know more about the top features that you should look for in a recruiting software? Hit this link now.

Step 3
Allocate Your Budget

The most popular pricing option for a recruitment agency software is pay per recruiter, meaning an agency has to pay per seat, roughly costing anywhere around $50-$100 per user per month.

Before investing in a tool, you must ensure there are no hidden fees and that the pricing model aligns with the features the service provider is offering.

Step 4
Check if the Recruitment Software Matches Your Need

After finding a recruiting software that offers the right combination of all the required features, recruiters must compare and evaluate products from different vendors to make the right pick.

The best way to evaluate a software is by either researching them online through review sites, reading testimonials, or getting a free trial.

Step 5
Book a demo

This is the most critical step before making the final purchase.

Booking a demo with the product or sales team will give you a clear picture of the pros and cons of the software.

A good vendor will try to be as transparent as possible with their clients, so ensure that all your doubts are cleared.

Top Recruiting Software - A Detailed Comparison

We totally understand how it must be a tough call to choose the best recruitment software that caters to your need., because we have an in-depth comparison of some of the top staffing software that will help you make the decision.

Worry not, because we have an in-depth comparison of some of the top staffing software that will help you make the decision.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Recruit CRM’s Recruiting Software

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Recruit CRM


Easy to Use

Recruit CRM is intuitive, fast, and user-friendly, and it also has a handy mobile app that will help you recruit on the go.


24/7 Live Customer Support

Recruit CRMis available for its customers all year round.

The customer success team helps solve user queries in less than 2 minutes!


Powerful Features

From having a sourcing chrome extension to being 100% customizable, the Applicant Tracking System can do it all.

Its amazing features will help you attract the best job seekers.


Simple Setup and Onboarding

Recruit CRM’s uncomplicated system can be set up within 5 minutes!

Customers also have a painless onboarding process and are trained to use the software effectively.


Free Trial


The software is definitely easy on the pocket and provides scalable packages.

But the best part is that we have a free trial for users bound by no time period.

The Highest-Rated Recruitment Software

Recruit CRM helps you streamline and automate your entire workflow. Right from sourcing quality candidates to screening and hiring them, it helps you manage your teams, candidates, clients, and open positions with ease.


Empowering Recruitment Agencies Across 100+ Countries


Why Choose Us?

24*7 Live Customer Support

We aim to attend your queries in under 2 mins!

5 Mins Setup

Set up your system instantly and get going!

100% customizable!

You can customize our recruiting software as per your agency’s needs.

Rated the Best Software for Recruiters!

Our recruiting software helps recruiters drive more revenue and place quality candidates faster.

For the vast majority of our users, we are the main tool that they use to get work done every day.

Our team works endlessly to provide the best product enhancements, warm onboarding, and live chat support system to all our users.


Built with the Coolest Features

Switch to Recruit CRM now!

From the ground up, we’ve all the ammo to cater to your recruitment needs.


Source the Top Talent

Add candidates and clients to yourrecruiting databasefrom LinkedIn, Xing, and more in just one click using our Chrome Sourcing extension.


Send Emails in Bulk

Send and schedule personalized emails to hundreds of candidates and contacts at once. Make emailing easier with our dozens of free email templates!


Integrate Major Apps with the Software

Recruit CRM offers the highest number of zaps compared to any other recruiting software in the market. Keep everything in one place with Zapier (allows 3000+ integrations), Gmail, Logic Melon, Outlook, and more.


Visualize Your Hiring Pipeline

Make your recruiting workflow visually appealing and interactive with our Kanban Board. Drag and drop candidates or contacts within hiring pipelines to change their stages.


Customize the Entire System

Make changes to the platform easily as per your business needs. Recruit CRM is 100% customizable and lets you make the tweaks in a jiffy.


Do Advanced Search

Leverage powerful filters and keyword options to quickly scan through resumes and your candidate database. You can make advanced searches using our Boolean and Radius search features.


Measure Analytics and Performance

Gain insights into every aspect of your business and make informed data-driven decisions. Number crunching was never this easy before.


Manage Invoices at One Place

Generate customized invoices and email them to your client. Automate invoicing and keep track of the revenue generated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recruiting software?
A recruiting software helps you optimize your entire hiring process. Using it, you can effectively source, screen, and hire top talent from your candidate pool.
A recruitment management system is a suite of HR recruiting tools that help you manage candidates, contacts, job roles, teams, and more in one place.
Why do you need a recruitment software?
  • A recruiting software offers a wide range of functions and helps recruiters save a lot of time, effort, and money.
  • It helps headhunters make placements faster, increases their productivity, and improves both recruitment marketing and employer branding efforts.
  • A well-featured recruitment software will give you the highest ROI and help you keep up with your competition in the recruitment industry.
What are the top benefits of using a recruiting software?
A recruiting software enables you to get rid of major hiring challenges. Here are some top benefits of using a recruitment automation tool:
  • Helps you source high-quality candidates
  • Speeds up the process
  • Increases your productivity
  • Creates and manages a candidate and client database
  • Organizes the entire recruitment process
What is the best recruiting software?
Recruit CRM offers the best features to streamline your workflow. It serves as a single solution to manage, automate, and generate a higher ROI while recruiting.

It is 100% customizable, and you can start using it in less than 5 minutes!

Apart from providing some of the coolest features, Recruit CRM also helps recruiters submit candidates to their hiring managers in one single click!

With 24/7 live customer support we address all user queries in under two minutes!
How does a recruiting software work?
A recruitment automation software optimizes and digitizes each step involved in the talent acquisition process. It understands your hiring needs and accordingly helps you target the right candidates using AI and machine learning.

AI-powered recruitment software also hosts an inbuilt database that helps recruiters get rid of manual data entry

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