Candidate Management

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Candidate Management is a key job for recruiters. Maintaining a quality relationship with your candidates dramatically increases the chances of successful placements.

There only so many candidate relationships that a recruiter can maintain without a dedicated system. Candidate management systems help recruiters enrich one-to-one relationships with candidates and build a strong pipeline at scale. Knowing candidates and their career objectives will help you match candidates to the right positions. The quality of your relationship with candidates will determine the volume of placements.

Using a good cloud based agency recruitment software will make life better. The right recruitment software will help you manage data, resumes, conversations and track candidates.

Pro Tip: Make sure the software you pick has a great resume parser, this will save you tons of time in the years to come. If you think you’re ready to step up your game and take your recruitment business to the next level, check out Recruit CRM 🙂

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