The brand new season of Vikings: Valhalla, the sequel to the hit series, Vikings, is set to release on Netflix on the 12th of January. What an exciting start to 2023, isn’t it? 

The series has some of the most notorious Vikings legends with powerful personalities, living their own impressive, gory adventures through the 11th century. 

Since we eat, sleep, and breathe recruitment, we got to wondering what some legendary Vikings would be like as recruiters. Intrigued to see what we came up with?

Today, we’ll be looking at a few major characters from Vikings: Valhalla who would be perfect for the recruiter life.

Let’s dive in!

5 Vikings Valhalla Characters as Recruiters

1. Leif Erikson – The Fair Recruiter

Leif Erikson
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Also known as Leif the Lucky, he is one of Vikings: Valhalla’s leading men, who, in Season One, introduced us to the tense political and religious state of the world. He is also the son of Erik Thorvaldsson, also known as Erik the Red. 

Leif is a philanthropist and humanitarian who deeply cares about things, particularly the condition of the world, and has great compassion for them.

He’s also a big-picture kind of guy and looks at life with a broad perspective. This makes him goal-oriented and utterly focused. He’s also very ambitious and a true egalitarian, rarely prejudiced, and would never accept the social biases of people.

As a recruiter, Leif would deeply care for his candidates and clients alike. He’d be great at executing a pleasant candidate and client experience. He’d care about what the parties want and make decisions that satisfy them both. 

Lief would climb the recruitment career ladder super fast since he’s a great leader, super ambitious, and always has his eye on the target. He would also be a great recruitment agency owner if he decided to open up his own firm.

Lastly, he would be a strong Diversity and Inclusion ally. He loathes discrimination of any kind, so he would never let things like race, gender, age, etc., interfere with his decisions.

2. Freydís Eiríksdóttir – The Bold Recruiter

Freydís Eiríksdóttir - Vikings Valhalla characters as recruiters
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Freydís is a Norse warrior, Erik the Red’s daughter, and Leif’s sister. She’s just as notorious and strong-willed as her brother. 

While Freydís seeks to be just and fair in her actions, she can also be brutal at times. For example, she killed two Icelanders with whom she has frequent disagreements, along with those who resided in their camp. 

Freydís is also a revenger. In the series, she was on a revenge mission against the Christians who raped her when she was young. So we can safely say that she seeks justice for wrongdoings.

Now, as a recruiter, Freydís probably won’t be murdering any candidates (fingers crossed) because that would be one BAD candidate experience. 

But, she would be brutally honest and upfront in all her communications with them. Whether it’s general information or hard feedback, Freydís would not hesitate to convey either.

Since she has been done wrong in the past, Freydís would ensure her candidates are not mistreated through the process, whether it’s by other recruiters on her team or hiring managers. 

She’s been through tough times, so she’d make sure no one else does.

3. Harald Sigurdsson – The Charismatic Recruiter

Harald Sigurdsson
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Charming and gregarious, Harald Sigurdsson is one of the leading men in Norse society. 

He is the Christian prince of Norway and has ambitions to become king – something that can’t be achieved without bloodshed and the ability to unite and lead the pagans and the Christians, which he possesses.

As a recruiter, Harald would make a great leader. He’d be able to make tough decisions that others hesitate to make for broader goals and the benefit of his team, clients, and candidates. His ambition would help him grow super fast in his recruitment career. 

He’s also a people-uniter. So he’d be able to easily solve conflicts and disagreements between any two parties, whether candidates and hiring managers or anyone else.

4. Jarl Haakon – The Wise Recruiter

Jarl Haakon
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Jarl Haakon is the ruler of Kattegat in Vikings: Valhalla. While Haakon is Pagan, she welcomes those of any belief system to Kattegat. She’s also an influential mentor to Freydis, who is drawn to her wisdom.

As a recruiter, Jarl would be unbiased. She wouldn’t judge people on their personal beliefs or discriminate based on gender, nationality, age, etc. She’d welcome everyone as they came. 

She’s also full of wisdom and would be great at training and guiding candidates in the recruitment process. 

5. Emma of Normandy – The Prodigy Recruiter

Emma of Normandy - Vikings Valhalla characters as recruiters
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Emma of Normandy is the great-granddaughter of Rollo. She’s ambitious, politically sharp, and one of the wealthiest women in Europe. 

She married Canute in 1017 and started her reign as Queen of England, Denmark, and Norway. She serves as the mastermind behind the plans of the English with Earl Godwin’s support, as she doesn’t trust her stepson, Edmund.

In the recruitment world, Emma would be a prodigy. She’s young and incredibly sharp and would analyze everything in sight and knowledge before making the smallest of decisions. 

Why? Because she can. She’s got the brains for it. 

She also doesn’t trust easily. If she had the slightest suspicion that an applicant might not be who they say they are, she’d turn her detective mode on and thoroughly assess them to get answers. 

She’d never let a sneaky candidate slip and always pick the best of the bunch for roles, leaving every client beyond satisfied. 

Vikings: Valhalla is full of unique, sharp, and ambitious characters. They’re also great judges of character, meaning they would fit right into the recruitment universe. 

Who’s your favorite Viking from the bunch? Let us know in the comments.