Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing refers to a scenario where a corporation outsources their recruitment activities to an agency. This may include having the agency recruiters deployed at the client location in order to look after recruitment for a specific period of time. These recruiters fill positions either by themselves through their contacts or by coordinating with other recruitment vendors.

RPO is implemented by a corporation to avoid heavy recruitment overheads & to look for experienced specialist recruiters that are generally not available for full time employment.

RPO is commonly done when there’s a (temporary) spike in demand for talent. Since this recruitment need is not repetitive, it is not feasible to build an internal recruitment team. In such situations, it is best if organisations choose RPO which will help them save costs and at the same time & quickly fill positions. RPO ensures resource optimization and is a quick solution to companies that don’t already have sophisticated recruitment processes.

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