Agency Recruiter

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A recruiter or recruitment consultant is a professional who sources & places candidates. An agency recruiter works for a recruitment agency and helps clients fill positions in their organisations.

The roles and responsibilities of an agency recruiter generally include–

  1. Designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy
  2. Preparing recruitment materials
  3. Post jobs to job boards/ Social websites, to Source and recruit candidates by using databases, social media, etc.
  4. Screen resumes & interview candidates
  5. Successfully place candidates & raise invoices for candidates placed

Their counterparts are in-house recruiters who work on filling open positions within their organisations.

Recruitment firms charge anywhere from a small fixed fee per placement for entry-level/low-skill positions and 8-35% of a candidates annual salary for more senior/niche positions.

These numbers vary a lot based on region and the state of the economy. Agency Recruiters tend to make roughly 20%-60% of the revenue they generate as a combination of base salary + bonus.

Pro Tip: While hiring an agency recruiter, make sure he/she is experienced in full-cycle recruiting. Right from sourcing talent and attracting candidates to interviewing and hiring great employees. This gives you a lot of time to find more new business that you would have otherwise spent training your recruiter.

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