2022 is nearing its end, and oh, what a crazy year it’s been! The recruitment industry has seen more ups and downs this year than ever before. 

But do you know who we think can handle every recruitment challenge effortlessly?

Santa Claus. You read that right! We’re talking about the gift-giving, sleigh-riding jolly good man living in the North Pole; Father Christmas. 

If Kris Kringle was a recruiter, he would rock more than just a fur-trimmed red suit and leather boots.

Here’s how he’d go about recruiting. 

What Santa Claus Would be Like as a Recruiter

Santa needs an elite workforce that meets his children’s demands on time. He has a few elves onboard, but how would he go about growing this loyal, dedicated little team? What would his secret recruitment tips be? Let’s take a look.

1. He’d Start Recruiting Way Ahead of Time

what if santa claus was a recuriter


The workforce proliferates every year. So, planning ahead of time is crucial. This is the exact blueprint that Santa would follow—

  • He’d start sourcing way ahead of time
  • Hire the elves gradually
  • Train them extensively before the real holiday pressure begins

2. He’d Learn What Candidates Want

checklist for santa

Santa wouldn’t hire blindly.

Could he meet his quota every year if he hired elves who didn’t enjoy making toys and wrapping gifts? Absolutely not!

Knowing what your candidates want, their past work experiences, hobbies, interests, and more is significant when considering them for an open position.

Santa would ask candidates what they want out of a job, their future plans or what they want to achieve in five years. He’ll try to understand what it would take to make the elves say yes to the job offer.

3. He’d Focus on His Brand

personal brand

Santa is the most beloved Holiday icon, right? This is primarily because he has built his brand extensively over the decades. He knows what it takes to represent a positive brand.

We all have grown up listening to stories about Santa’s kind gestures and jolly songs. But, time and again, his journey is sheer proof of how strong storytelling is for a brand. 

He’s also built the reputation among children of always delivering gifts on time and absolutely anywhere in the world. He’d use this image to his advantage and attract the right talent.

It’s essential for all recruiters to realize the power of content and recruitment marketing tactics to build and showcase a powerful brand image. 

In fact, 81% of consumers mention that they need to trust a brand before using any of their services. So, building a great brand and emphasizing this in all marketing efforts is imperative.

4. He’d Think Global

santa as a recruiter

Santa doesn’t discriminate between kids, elves, or even reindeer. He doesn’t judge based on race, geography, gender, or ability, and treats everyone alike. 

This is exactly how he’d approach recruitment. He’d welcome global elf talent. He’d make sure his pipeline is filled with candidates from all over the world.

This would be one of Santa’s best approaches, no doubt, and one all recruiters should follow. No matter where your recruitment agency is situated in the world, you can always build a diverse and global talent pipeline

So what good would thinking globally bring Mr. Claus?

  • No talent shortage
  • Better quality candidates
  • Diverse capabilities
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Ability to engage passive candidates

Saint Nicolas won’t let a candidate’s geographical location act as a hindrance to them getting added to his talent pipeline.

5. He’d Collaborate & Get the Job Done on Time

If Santa gets overwhelmed with the number of gifts he needs to deliver and gives up midway, those poor children would stop believing in his magic.

But he’s smart. He would understand the gravity of the situation and realize the right time to hire. So he’d get his current little group of elves on board and put his trust in Rudolf to be his right-hand.

Only when everyone is working in collaboration would they be able to hire more elves for the workshop to deliver gifts on time.

He would realize the importance of teaming up and that going solo isn’t always the best option. Recruiters should get everyone necessary involved in the hiring process to speed things up and improve the process quality.

6. He’d Get His Checklist Out

It’s no secret that Santa maintains a huge checklist where he notes down who’s been naughty and nice.

He’d also diligently maintain one when recruiting staff for his workshop.

Apart from making a to-do list of all the tasks that he needs to complete on a daily basis, he’d make sure his talent pipeline is up-to-date and that he’s notified every time there’s a new opening at his toy factory.

Santa would also be up-to-date on his recruiting technology. He’d invest in an Applicant Tracking System with an in-built Recruitment CRM software for maintaining the talent pipeline and client and candidate communications.


7. He’d Remember That ’Tis the Season to Be Merry!

what candidates want

Christmas is known to be one of the jovial times of the year. No matter what Santa is doing, he’d always be jolly. 

Mr. Claus would recruit like a master, but he’d also ensure that he supports his recruitment crew. He’d help his elves understand the world of recruitment better and promise to deliver the best candidate and client experience.

Along with this little workforce, he’d better time management techniques and sign up for productivity tools to reduce repetitive manual tasks in half.

He knows it’s important to take a break from time to time. So he would insist his elf crew to do the same and avoid burnout, especially around Christmas time.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from the entire Recruit CRM team!

We wish you all the best with your recruitment efforts this December and the upcoming year in advance.