How ChatGPT can transform the world of recruitment [+ 3 major use cases]

chatgpt for recruiters

What if we told you there is a free AI tool to draft candidate outreach messages, job descriptions, recruitment marketing content, and generate interview questions?  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you haven’t heard about Open.AI’s ChatGPT (the talk of the town), it is an AI language model trained to generate human-like … Read more

7 [FREE] Ready-to-Send Email Templates for Agency Recruiters

recruiting email templates for recruiters

Do you wish to warm up your job prospects and clients effectively and increase the chances of your emails getting replied to? Slow down, we can help you out! Right from candidate sourcing to rejection emails, we have drafted some ready-to-use handy email templates for you. All you need to do is, add them to … Read more

How to Build a Team of Recruiters?

We have come across many colleagues who quit their jobs, started off something on their own and called themselves entrepreneurs. However, it is important to understand that unless you employ people and run a business which makes (or at least tries) to make money for you, you can at best be called a self-employed person … Read more

Creating a Remote Recruitment Agency [Download Our Ebook]

The unprecedented pandemic created a massive stir in the whole wide world, especially causing more than half of the working population to operate from their homes. Apart from having a direct mental, physical and economic impact on employees, entrepreneurs, startups, and even established companies worldwide, data from CIPD has shown that work-life balance, well-being, job … Read more