6 Exclusive recruitment lessons you can take away from Netflix’s Stranger Things

Most recruiters don’t spend their days battling demogorgons, butchering mind-flayers, or foiling Russian spies (and if you do, you might want to look for a new job). But it does entail fighting inefficiency and disengagement, among other challenges. Eleven and the rest of the Stranger Things gang have a lot to give. Keep reading to … Read more

Here’s How Mentorship Can Enhance a Recruitment Agency’s Brand Image

The recruiting industry is very competitive, and, with the pandemic, remote jobs have made it difficult for companies to stand out among others when hiring new talent. One of the best ways to stand out is to develop an employer brand where employees feel like they’ll find ample opportunities to grow within the company. How … Read more

How to Support & Manage Mental Health as a Recruiter?

Recruitment can be an overwhelming and chaotic process and can make mental illness the stickiest of workplace issues. The work environment in the recruitment industry involves a very stressful routine causing issues like anxiety, stress disorders, depression, and other crippling mental illnesses. It’s a good thing that mental health is finally becoming more frequently addressed … Read more