Social Recruiting 101: A Beginner’s Guide for Recruiters

social recruiting

Job boards no longer deliver relevant results as they once did. Turns out, a lot of recruiting methods that recruiters relied on earlier are now quite obsolete. Nowadays, social recruiting efforts have become the go-to strategy for attracting and converting top talent in this competitive job market. With a multigenerational talent pool, recruiters are adopting … Read more

5 Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Instagram Recruiting Strategy

With a continually changing work environment, employers are placing more emphasis on creating a sustainable business culture. Hiring employees with the appropriate skills that fit into this environment is of the utmost importance. To meet their recruitment goals, an ever-growing number of recruiters are reaching out to social media. Social media recruitment has become the … Read more

Using a Visual Medium to Enhance the Recruiting Process

Using the visual medium as a part of the social recruitment process was already present but it’s even more in fashion owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote working has increased and for it to happen sleekly it’s important for recruiters and staffing agencies to take a step ahead in the digital world. Apart from directly … Read more