We are all familiar with the well-known adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It also holds true in recruitment.

Just like in many other aspects of life, the power of a strong image is essential when seeking and securing the finest talent in the industry.

Dive into our blog as we uncover the fascinating potential of Midjourney & DALL-E in revolutionizing the talent acquisition process, creating visually stunning experiences that leave a lasting impression on candidates.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an advanced AI art generator that can be integrated into Discord to create high-quality visuals in just a few minutes. 

And here’s the deal, it is incredibly easy to use, given you are feeding it with the correct instructions. With just a few clicks and trials, you can create beautiful pieces of AI art how you want.

Their open channels help with onboarding new users to understand the exact prompts required to generate a specific type of image, making it a great place to learn and try different ways to reach the desired result.

What is DALL-E?

DALL-E is a groundbreaking AI model developed by OpenAI that generates images or modifies existing ones (e.g. background removal) from textual descriptions. 

It is a creative variant of the ChatGPT architecture designed to generate images.

This innovative technology can create captivating visuals for social media, job advertisements, etc., making them more engaging and appealing to potential candidates. 

By harnessing the power of DALL-E, recruiters can transform their talent acquisition strategies and elevate their employer branding like never before.

How to use Midjourney and DALL-E?


  • Join their discord channel through this link
  • Find a “Newbies” channel
  • Use the command “/imagine” to start writing your image prompt
  • Type in the prompt, and you will be provided with four variations of an image
  • Use the “U” buttons to upscale and the “V” buttons to ask for more variations of a particular image
  • Use the redo button to improvise and save the image you are happy with 


  • Go to the DALL-E interface through this link
  • In the input box on the left side of the screen, enter the text prompt you want to use to generate an image.
  • Choose image size and aspect ratio
  • Generate an image
  • View and download the image you want

Integrating AI into talent acquisition

Recruiters can make the most of Midjourney and DALL-E by using carefully crafted prompts to design engaging content.

1. Design social media posts

Recruiters can provide textual prompts to Midjourney & DALL-E, specifying the type of visual they need for their social media posts, such as a representation of a modern office environment or an illustration depicting workplace diversity

The AI models will then generate visuals based on the given prompts. 

Example prompt: “Create a realistic image of a happy diverse team collaborating on a project inside a modern, open-concept office”


diverse team collaborating image DALL-E


diverse team collaborating on a project Midjourney image

2. Create job advertisements

Midjourney & DALL-E can generate eye-catching images that complement job postings, making them more appealing to potential candidates. 

By providing the AI models with specific job or company culture prompts, recruiters can obtain customized images that help their job advertisement stand out.

Example Prompt: “An image representing a creative job posting for a software engineer position in a modern, innovative tech company with a diverse team.”


creative job posting image DALL-E


creative job posting Midjourney image

3. Revamp employer branding 

Recruiters can strengthen their employer brand using Midjourney & DALL-E to create visually engaging content showcasing their company culture, work environment, and values. 

This makes an organization more attractive to potential candidates and helps retain existing talent.

Example Prompt: “A picture illustrating a vibrant, positive, and collaborative office environment, highlighting the company’s values of teamwork, innovation, and inclusivity.”


collaborative office environment DALL-E image


A picture illustrating a vibrant, positive, and collaborative office environment Midjourney

4. Improve candidate experience

Candidates can benefit from using visually appealing images and design elements during recruitment.

This can include visuals for your career site, interview scheduling platform, or email communication, creating a positive impression on candidates and increasing their interest in joining your organization.

Example Prompt: “Create an image of a diverse group of employees at a company event, where candidates can interact and engage with them to learn more about the company culture and work environment.”


diverse group of employees at a company event DALL-E image


image of a diverse group of employees at a company event Midjourney

5. Design recruitment marketing materials

Midjourney & DALL-E can also create visuals for recruitment marketing materials, such as brochures, presentations, and videos.

High-quality images can help promote your organization as an employer and attract top talent.

Example Prompt: “An animated eye-catching cover image for a recruitment brochure showcasing a diverse team of professionals working together in a sleek, contemporary office space.”


recruitment brochure showcasing a diverse team of professionals DALL-E Image


cover image for a recruitment brochure showcasing a diverse team Midjourney

Limitations of DALL-E & Midjourney

1. Limited understanding of the context

DALL-E and Midjourney generate images based on the text input provided to them. They cannot understand the context surrounding the text. 

As a result, the generated images may not always be coherent or relevant to the given context.

2. Bias in training data

Both models are trained on large datasets of images and text, which may contain biases or stereotypes that can be perpetuated in the generated images. 

For example, if the training data predominantly comprises images of men, the model may generate fewer images of women.

3. Limited creativity 

Although DALL-E and Midjourney can generate a vast array of images, they are still limited by the training data and the text input. 

This may result in images that are not always genuinely original or imaginative.

4. Lack of control

While DALL-E and Midjourney can generate impressive images, they do not give users fine-grained control over the generated images. 

Users cannot specify specific details of the image or control the composition of the generated images.

Integrating Midjourney and DALL-E into the talent acquisition process is transforming the recruitment landscape. 

By embracing these AI-driven tools and learning to train them effectively, recruiters can unlock their full creative potential and revolutionize their recruitment process. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is Midjourney better than DALL-E?

One key difference between the two models is accessibility. Midjourney can be accessed via Discord, which may be more convenient for some users. On the other hand, DALL-E 2 is only available through OpenAI’s website.

Another factor to consider is cost. OpenAI offers free credits every month, which allows users to access DALL-E 2 for free indefinitely. Midjourney only offers 25 free images before charging for the service.

Ultimately, the choice between the two models will depend on personal preference and budget. It may be worth experimenting with both to see which suits your needs and preferences better. 

2. How do I get better results from AI art?

To get better results from AI art, try providing specific and detailed prompts for the AI model. For example, use specific language and provide examples of what you want to see. 

Also, experiment with different models and parameters to see which ones work best for your needs.

3. Will AI replace recruiters? 

AI is unlikely to fully replace recruiters, but it will significantly transform and support the recruitment process. 

Although artificial intelligence can automate repetitive tasks, analyze large data sets, and improve efficiency, human recruiters will continue to play an important role in relationship building, understanding company culture, and making nuanced hiring decisions. 

AI will complement human expertise and enable recruiters to focus on their roles’ more strategic and personal aspects.