Hot Desk

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When you are getting into recruitment, you might hear “warm desk” or “cold desk”.

If a recruiter or a recruitment agency has an existing network of clients and candidates, it is referred to as “Hot Desk” or “Warm Desk.” A recruiter then just has to leverage the established network. Terms of business and client fees vary based on:

1.) The seniority of the position the recruitment consultant is working on.

2.) The profession he is recruiting for.

3.) The type of recruitment he practices, eg: Contingent or retained.

4.) Whether the placement is for a permanent role or a temporary role.

Compared to Cold desk, very little business development is required to get up and running and start making money! In Hot Desk, the recruiter is introduced to set procedures and an already existing database of candidates and clients.

Pro Tip: While you already have a recruitment network in place choose a relevant CRM+ATS to help you nurture your relationship with clients and candidates (business).

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