The sun’s almost setting on 2022, and the year indeed felt like a rollercoaster ride with all the ups and downs.

Apart from the insane challenges that recruiters had to face, there were also a few trends that worked in their favor. 

As you are prepping to rise and shine in 2023, let’s give you a quick recap of the year.

Mind-Blowing Recruitment Industry Trends That Dominated 2022

1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

While recruitment automation technology garnered a lot of attention in 2021 and 2022, it was only this year that a lot of agency recruiters ACTUALLY adopted #RecTech.

According to a report, almost 84% of firms planned to automate their hiring process.

The usage of AI in the workplace has opened the doors for staffing professionals to source top-notch candidates, streamline their recruiting process and provide a positive client and candidate experience.

2. Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing

These two developments really created a buzz in the HR world.

In case you don’t know what these mean, quiet quitting was a practice by employees to withdraw themselves from the workplace and not take any initiative.

On the other hand, quiet firing was a counter-back phenomenon to overlook quiet quitters.

Both of them had a negative impact on the industry, the final verdict being– quiet firing is definitely not the answer to quiet quitting.

3. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

It goes without saying that an unbiased hiring process can work wonders for you.

Encouraging D,E&I initiatives helped recruiters, especially those working in a remote setting to attract talent from across the world irrespective of their cultural background, caste, gender, or race.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts were easily boosted by minimizing unconscious bias and adopting a gender-neutral recruitment process.

4. The Great Resignation

Honestly, this trend was the biggest nightmare!

Recruiting specialists had a hard time retaining workers amidst the great resignation.

The demand for candidates shot up at an all-time high, but we witnessed a mass exit of employees from the workforce.

A survey revealed that three out of four employees planned to quit their job in 2022 over pay raises, remote options, and work benefits.

Nevertheless, with a solid strategy to improve the work environment, employers overcame this challenge too.

5. Social Recruiting

Social media recruitment has been prevalent for a long time, but it mostly took place on LinkedIn.

In the past few months, recruiters took to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok to find potential candidates and clients.

This way, they were able to tap into a wider pool of candidates and stay relevant in the job market.

recruitment in 2022

6. High-Volume Remote Hiring

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been made clear that the work from home culture is going to prevail in the upcoming years.

In fact, 90% of employees agreed to the fact that the remote working model helped them to stay more productive.

This development induced recruiters to pursue a mass remote recruiting process which allowed them to hire the best talent across the world.

7. Gig Economy Recruitment

In 2022, we witnessed an all-time rise in gig economy recruitment, as a lot of people preferred becoming freelancers owing to the work flexibility it offers.

This paved the way for recruiting specialists to find employees on a contractual or temporary basis for their clients.

It has become preferable for companies to recruit gig workers because they have to invest fewer resources in hiring, training, and retaining them.

8. Layoffs

This buzzword started making headlines after instances of tech companies mass firing.

For example, Elon Musk laid off around 3500 Twitter employees, Meta fired 13% of its workers, and Peleton let go around 3000 people from their workforce.

But again, by focusing on quality over quantity and implementing solid workplace policies, HR professionals beat this blue too.

9. The Great Breakup

This was another painful phenomenon when women managers started quitting their jobs due to an unhealthy work environment.

In the Women in the Workplace Report 2022, it was uncovered that women leaders are demanding more from work and are likely to leave their jobs to meet their needs.

All in all, HR leaders and recruiters beat this phenomenon by aiding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and creating a safe workplace.

Recruit CRM’s 2022 Wrapped

Our Major Achievements

recruitment in 2022

Our Awesome Content Collaborations & Expansions!

recruitment in 2022

1. Introducing the Experts’ Corner

We partnered up with seasoned recruitment influencers Lou Adler, Brianna Rooney, Jan Tegze, Tony Restell, and more in curating content to give out advanced tips and advice.

Right from recruitment marketing to attracting talent on LinkedIn, these experts have been spilling the beans to become successful in the industry.

2. The Recruitment Scoop Series

Through this interview series, we chatted up with senior recruiting leaders to unveil the latest recruitment trends, burning issues, and challenges recruiters face on a daily basis.

The interviewees put out the top tricks and hacks to become a maestro in the staffing world.

3. Curating a Personality Quiz for Recruiters

We curated a super fun personality quiz to help recruiters find their true-blue persona.

This simple 10-question quiz produces accurate results based on your personality traits. Don’t forget to take it and share the results with your circle.

4. Coming up With an ATS ROI Calculator

Finding out the efficiency of an Applicant Tracking System is an important step while selecting one.

Our ATS ROI Calculator helps you calculate the profitability and return on investment of using a robust recruiting software.

5. Providing Exclusive Content and Actionable Guides

Our exclusives’ sections empowers you with strong insights and data-driven information about the global staffing industry.

You can check it out for the major developments in the recruiting space, statistics, and facts to stay ahead in the game.

6. Talent Takeover Unfiltered Podcast by The Millionaire Recruiter

Boss lady Brianna Rooney invited our CEO Shoanak (Sean) Mallapurkar to her podcast Talent Takeover Unfiltered to talk about Recruit CRM.

The Millionaire Recruiter also endorsed our CRM software on her channel.

7. The Chad and Cheese Podcast

Our CEO was put on the spot on Chad Sowash and Joel Chessman’s fiery podcast, #FiringSquad.

In this thrilling interview, it was revealed how Recruit CRM put a dent in Bullhorn’s armor.

8. UK Recruiter’s Podcast

Louise Triance, a top influencer in the field, interviewed our CEO to discuss about Recruit CRM’s journey so far, growth, and the plan ahead.

Major updates from our ATS + CRM system!

recruitment in 2022

  • Our median first-time response to customers has been consistently below 60 seconds.
  • We launched the Executive Search Report feature to help firms produce detailed reports for clients.
  • Our Chrome Sourcing Extension now works on Xing Talent Manager too!
  • We introduced a custom master hiring pipeline feature that helps recruiters customize their hiring workflow and add in multiple hiring stages within the Recruit CRM app.
  • We will soon launch a Vendor Management System for hiring managers to connect better with recruitment agencies.
  • You can use our app in four other languages now- Spanish, German, French, and Dutch.

This year was definitely a bit too happening, and we’re glad that along with us, you too are ending it on a positive note.

It’s time to relax, recharge, and enjoy your holidays. 

Wish you a Happy New Year 2023.