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6 Tips to Successfully Booking First Interviews with Dream Candidates

Let's be real. The competition is high and in order to stand out, you'll have to send the "right" or even "dream" candidates to your clients. Learn how you can book their first interviews here.

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4 Ways Agency Recruiters Can Improve Their Recruiting Process

Search firms must improve their hiring practices in order to have a competitive advantage and attract top talent and lucrative clients. Here are 4 ways by which you can do so.

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10 Sourcing Email Templates You Can Use to Reach out to Candidates

Formulating recruiting emails can take up a large chunk of your daily tasks. Here are 10 engaging candidate sourcing email templates that you can use to make your day easier.

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25+ Job Interview Statistics Recruiters Need to Know

Are you thinking about changing your approach to job interviews? Take a look at these insightful statistics to get a better understanding of recent recruitment trends.

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10+ Referral Email Templates for Agency Recruiters

Are you on the hunt for that perfect email template for referrals? We’ve compiled 10+ email templates guaranteed to get you a response! Check it out now.

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The Battle Between Purple Squirrels & Normal Squirrels: Who Should Recruiters Hire & Why?

The hunt for purple squirrels is being taken over by recruiters in the job market. But what makes purple squirrel candidates so unique from normal squirrels?

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Who Are Purple Squirrels? A Comprehensive Guide for Recruiters

There’s no denying that finding the perfect fit for the job may be synonymous with meeting the love of your life. But who exactly are these purple squirrels? We've explained it here.

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Building a Reliable Tech Stack for Remote Hiring Needs: How Can You Go About It?

With a rise in remote recruitment, recruiters must optimize their tech stack to scale their hiring efforts. In this article, learn how you can build a reliable tech stack for remote hiring.

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Understanding Recruiting Team Structure: What Are the Key Roles?

We have outlined the key recruiting roles, along with their individual responsibilities, and have posted actionable tips to help you build a team of awesome recruiters for your search firm.

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How to Support & Manage Mental Health as a Recruiter?

The recruitment industry revolves around a stressful environment, and recruiters need to ensure mental wellbeing. Read on to know how a recruiter can support and manage mental health.


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