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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Lindy Sollinger

For our 22nd episode, the Founder of DataFin Recruitment and expert recruiter, Lindy Sollinger graced Recruitment Entrepreneurs. Learn more about her exclusive journey here.

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Top 3 Recruitment Metrics Recruiters Must Look Into

The best way to get talent is to accelerate your hiring process. You can do so by tracking recruitment metrics to create a data-driven approach towards improving the candidate experience. Read more.

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How To Use Recruit CRM As A Client Management Tool?

Every single business aims to grow and find brand new clients with the passage of time. Read more about how recruitment agencies can use Recruit CRM as a client management tool.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Jason Chad

For our 21st episode, we got hold of the Managing Director and Executive Recruiter at ChadTech. Listen to him talk all about his recruitment entrepreneurial journey on our podcast.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Greg Savage

We have the most exciting news to share! For our 20th episode, we have had the privilege of hosting Greg Savage, Founder of 4 successful recruitment agencies, trusted advisor and a respected voice across the global recruitment and staffing industry.

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Want To Build A Strong Recruiting Sales Pipeline? Here Are 8 Tips For You

One of the main challenges that recruitment agencies face nowadays is delivering candidates to their clients on time. Stay updated on our latest tips on how to build a strong recruiting sales pipeline and being always on top of your game.

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5 Major Reasons Why Agency Recruiters Should Sign Up For Recruit CRM's ATS

It's a no-brainer for staffing agencies to use Recruit CRM for most of their recruiting activities. Take a look into how you can increase your ROI by using our Applicant Tracking System.

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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Phoebe Stowe-Forbes

For our 19th episode, we hosted one of our very beloved clients and Founder of Dot Recruit, Phoebe Stowe-Forbes. Learn more about her interesting take on scaling her own business.

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Retained Search vs Contingency Recruiting: Which One Should You Choose?

For a recruiter to do their job properly, they must know everything about recruitment from its definition to the different types of models available and then select which model is best for them. We've made the job easier in this article.

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Recruit CRM Brings You 13+ Cool Recruitment Trivia

We have shortlisted some fantastic recruitment trivia for all recruiters and staffing firms. Check it out now!



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