A handy guide to understanding candidate tracking systems


Effective candidate tracking is the key to a successful hiring process. Learn how a candidate tracking system can help you make faster and more high-quality placements for your clients.

5 Candidate Experience KPIs You Definitely Need to Start Tracking


Candidate experience has always been a top priority for hiring and recruitment teams. That said, the current candidate-focussed job market has pushed this even further into the spotlight. Fortunately, in today’s data-driven recruiting world, certain metrics can help keep track of your candidate experience. Why Do You Need to Measure Candidate Experience? Candidate experience is … Read more

High Employee Retention: Key to a Successful Organization


Do your employees feel valued at work, or do they think they can easily be replaced? It may be easy to assume you can simply replace an employee with the next application to come through the door. But, in reality, continually hiring new employees due to a revolving door negatively impacts the company. Valued employees … Read more

5 Things Recruiters Need To Do Before Their Candidate Is Interviewed


As a recruiter, many a times you feel powerless as you can’t really control what happens in an interview. It’s as if your performance is being judged based on something you cannot completely control. While it’s true that you can’t take the interview for your candidate, you can certainly do things that will dramatically increase … Read more

5 best recruiting tools that successful recruiters swear by


Technology will continue to transform and disrupt the way professional recruiters work this year. Job boards have made candidate sourcing a lot easier but at the same time, competition between recruiters have also increased dramatically. Using the right tools to manage candidates have become more important today. Small businesses spend about 40% of their hours … Read more


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