Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

The power of diversity sourcing: Strategies for building an inclusive workforce this year

Diversity sourcing strategies you can use this year.

Are you tired of parsing through the same old quality of candidates applying for your job vacancies?  Well, this is a MAJOR indication that you need to implement powerful diversity sourcing strategies. In this article, we have scoured, and curated some of the most effective tips you can use this year to attract diverse candidates … Read more

Hire the Best Candidates: Top 9 Brand Ambassador Must-Have Skills


According to Statista, the number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on Instagram surpassed six million in 2020. If you’re on any kind of social media, you’ve likely seen videos of your favorite celebrities and influencers talking about their most-loved brands and must-have products. These are brand ambassadors. Nowadays, there are so many influencers and spokespeople out … Read more

Recruit CRM’s Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Phoebe Stowe-Forbes


Phoebe Stowe-Forbes, award-winning Recruitment Specialist and Founder of Dot Recruit has built an extensive network in the last 9 years of experience in the market. Partnering extensively with numerous Lancashire businesses, her business supports them with the attracting, recruitment and retention of Accounts and Finance professionals. Born and brought up in Lancashire, Phoebe never really … Read more

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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