Building a Reliable Tech Stack for Remote Hiring Needs: How Can You Go About It?


With the escalating use of technology across the world, recruitment and talent acquisition is incomplete without the help of technology. As a result, building a reliable recruitment tech stack has become paramount, with new recruitment solutions popping up almost every day. According to a study by Monster, 64% of recruiters still believe they don’t have … Read more

Are You Doing Remote Recruiting Correctly?


Recruiters have seen a profound change in hiring practices over the past two years. The show had to go on, in spite of hiring freezes. This is why a lot of TA professionals have adopted remote hiring. Upwork estimates that 1 in 4 Americans (over 26% of the American workforce) will be working remotely through … Read more

Top 6 Skills You Should Look for in Your New Remote Hires


Remote hiring is one of the best moves in talent acquisition. Some of its known benefits are having a larger talent pool, reduced hiring time and cost, and increased employee productivity and retention. However, there’s one major drawback. Not everyone is suitable for remote working. In fact, the people who are top performers in the … Read more

How to Eliminate Unconscious Bias When Hiring Remotely?


One of the major changes the tech industry had to make, due to the pandemic, was moving large chunks of the hiring process online. With almost everything going digital, it was the logical step to take. Two years later, there has been an explosion of automated tools for every step of the hiring lifecycle. In … Read more


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