There’s no doubt about the fact that recruiters face a lot of problems on a daily basis. At times, it’s easier to get past them but most of the time it needs proper attention. The Recruit CRM team had been approached by a lot of headhunters via LinkedIn & Clubhouse with some common recruiting questions that needed consideration. We thereby had launched a series a few months back called Recruitment 101, where we aimed at solving these questions efficiently.

Take a look below at some of the common questions that we resolved with ease.

1. “I don’t understand Contingency Recruiting well.”

recruiting tips

2. “I don’t quite understand how an ATS functions.”

recruiting tips

3. “I have hired a candidate. Next what?”

4. “I am unable to recruit the right real estate agents.”

recruitment tips

5. “It’s tough to motivate oneself during the hiring period.”

top recruiting tips

6. “My job ads are not providing proper results.”

LinkedIn job ads

7. “How do I choose the best resume parser?”

recruitment tips

8. “I am losing out on a lot of time while recruiting.”

recruiting tips

9. “I am struggling with high-volume recruiting.”

recruiter questions

10. “How to add quality candidates to the pipeline?”

recruiting tips

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