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8 Exciting Recruitment Conferences to Attend This Quarter

Recruitment conferences are some of the most exciting, engaging, and informative events for people in the staffing industry. 

Not only are they brilliant places to learn about what’s new and trendy, they also offer amazing opportunities to connect with other great minds in the industry.

If you’re worried that the best conferences of the year are already past you, they’re not! This final quarter of 2022 has some power-packed events in store.

We’ve carefully curated a mix of on-site and virtual, paid and free events just for you, so dive into this list and book your slots right away. 

Are you ready for an eventful and insightful sign-off to 2022?

1. Bounce – The Recruitment Event by Rubberband

Date: October 18th

Location: Virtual

Pricing: Free

Bounce is a one-day online event organized by Rubberband, an online support group for those working in the Talent Acquisition/ Recruitment industry.

This conference aims to bring together people from around the world and showcase Australian talent, teams, and technology.

You’ll get to hear inspirational stories from Australian business owners, be a part of interesting breakout rooms for local supplier demos, and much more!

2. Talent & Growth – Live Event

Date: October 19th

Location: Warner Bros. Entertainment UK, London

Pricing: £54.49

Talent & Growth is an upcoming live event presented by The Animo Group and Warner Bros Discovery. Being held in London, this is for Talent Acquisition, People, HR, Founders, and basically anybody interested in hiring great people into their company.

Some notable speakers attending the conference are Katrina Collier, Beckie Taylor, Christine Ng, and Rohan Kallicharan.

They will share their expertise on various exciting and trending topics. This event will offer you a brilliant opportunity to network with some of the great minds in the recruitment industry.

All proceeds will go towards a charity called “Mind,” a great cause that helps people in the UK get the mental health support they need.

3. Talent Think Tank

recruitment conference

Dates & Location:

  • October 20th – Sydney
  • October 27th – Brisbane
  • November 3rd – Adelaide

Pricing: Free

Talent Think Tank is a fun and interactive event for Talent Acquisition professionals to come together and share tips, experiences, success secrets, and much more.

Experts will cover a variety of topics like the shift from reactive to proactive sourcing in future talent, data insight & how it can drive your recruitment strategy, tools and technologies to source, attract and convert top candidates, and much more.

A bunch of speed roundtable discussions will be organized for all the attendees to break into small groups and look at various recruitment challenges and possible solutions together.

4. HR Tech Summit Canada

Date: November 3rd

Location: Virtual

Pricing: Free

HR Tech Summit Canada is an online event where industry experts will discuss tech tips for every step in the life cycle of an HR professional – from recruitment and employee engagement to processing employee discharges.

This event is perfect for recruiters and HR professionals to attend from any corner of the world.

You’ll get to network with industry professionals without location constraints and learn about trendy new tricks.

5. HR Innovation & Tech Fest

recruitment conference

Date: November 8th – 9th

Location: ICC Sydney

Pricing: $2,400

The HR Innovation & Tech Fest is one of Australia’s most advanced gatherings of recruitment leaders. It’s a celebration of talent, technology, and ideas in this extraordinary age of workplace transformation.

This event is perfect for anyone in the recruitment and staffing industry to learn, network, and participate in discussions on topics like Recruitment Tech, Flexible Working, Digital Transformation, Talent, Workforce Analytics, Recruitment, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion, and much more.

6. Tech Hiring Conference

Date: November 17th

Location: One Moorgate Place, London

Pricing: £199

Tech Hiring Conference is an event hosted annually by IHR, a network of in-house recruiters.

Major subjects covered in this conference are Returner Programmes, the Skills Gap, Internships, EVP, Diversity, and Social Sharing, among many more.

There will also be interactive speaker sessions, including live polls and real-time insight, which will then be followed by Q&A sessions with the experts and roundtable discussions.


Date: November 17th

Location: Virtual and limited in-person

Pricing: Free

INSPIRE is an annual conference hosted by iCIMS, the talent cloud company.

This event unites talent and tech innovators from around the world to connect, learn, and celebrate.

This is a hybrid event with a limited in-person audience in Santa Monica, CA.

No matter what industry you’re from, this event is for you! You’ll get to network with all kinds of people and build long-lasting supportive connections. You’ll get exclusive peaks at the latest innovations and best practices.

8. Rethink! HR Tech Europe

Date: November 23rd – 25th

Location: TITANIC Chaussee Berlin, Germany

Pricing: Free

Rethink! HR Tech Europe is a unique event bringing together over 200 CHROs & Human Resource leaders to stimulate insightful discussions on HR technologies, new work & recruitment, latest tech trends, opportunities, and risks, among other topics.

You’ll get to meet all HR & HR Tech stakeholders under one roof and fuel yourself with new ideas, connections, and inspiration.

Each one of these exciting events has so many opportunities and knowledge to offer.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the most insightful recruiting conferences (so you don’t have to search and scour for hours) and bring more to you soon!

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