Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Master Boolean search strings for diversity sourcing + get free access to 20+ search strings

Master Boolean search strings for diversity sourcing

Unlock the power of inclusive hiring with Boolean search strings and discover how to source diverse candidates to build a stronger, more equitable workforce.

The power of diversity sourcing: Strategies for building an inclusive workforce this year

Diversity sourcing strategies you can use this year.

Are you tired of parsing through the same old quality of candidates applying for your job vacancies?  Well, this is a MAJOR indication that you need to implement powerful diversity sourcing strategies. In this article, we have scoured, and curated some of the most effective tips you can use this year to attract diverse candidates … Read more

Building and managing a multigenerational workforce (+ Free email templates)

a multigenerational team working togther

Master the art of leading a multigenerational workforce with practical tips and FREE email templates covered in this guide.

6 women share their experiences facing sexism in the recruiting process

sexism in recruiting

Despite diversity, equity, and inclusion being all the buzz in the recruitment industry, the sad truth is that gender biases continue to affect hiring decisions worldwide. According to a UN report that gathered data from 75 countries, 90% of people (including both men and women) hold biases in some form or the other against women. … Read more

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Work smarter, live better: The remote recruiter's guide

Download “300+ work-from-home recruiting hacks” to achieve balance and success in your remote recruiting career.
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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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