Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative

Gender Diversity in Leadership Positions: How Can Executive Recruiters Take Care of This?


Anyone who follows workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion understands that gender and racial representation are critical to corporate development. Several studies show that companies with diverse leadership teams are more lucrative and inventive. Employees are more engaged, and client retention is better. According to research conducted by the renowned management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, … Read more

5 Tips for Recruiters to Hire Candidates with Disabilities


As per the Annual Disability Statistics Report, 1 in every 8 people in America has a disability and this number keeps rising with time. Companies have always been facing a war when it comes to recruiting the right candidates. But, did you know that disabled workers actually make the most committed employees at work? There … Read more

5 major things recruiters need to know about diversity hiring


Before beginning to dive in at the bottom of diversity hiring, recruiters need to understand more about the superficial items related to it. You often are at crossroads when you ask yourself what diversity actually means. Few people define diversity as differences among people. However, you need to understand that diversity is really an exclusive … Read more

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Why Recruit CRM is the best Bullhorn alternative for your recruiting agency


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