Top 20 Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

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If you think that your resume would be judged by a recruiter himself every time you apply for a job chance are you could be wrong. When it comes to recruitment agencies, they have this huge responsibility of selecting the right candidate for the company and the right company for the candidate. this is where the Applicant Tracking System is most suitable. Since the job a recruitment agency is two folds, to speed up the whole process of finding and hiring the right talent and to make sure the hired candidate and selected company makes the best fit. For conventional methods, a recruitment system used by agency required a lot of vast data in the form of excel sheets and spreadsheets which had to be maintained and managed manually. Now the Applicant Tracking System acts as a powerful solution to this issue. 

The functionality of an Application Tracking system is somewhat similar to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system but with a slight change in main focus towards the search functionality. Nowadays Applicant Tracking systems are used by businesses of all sizes to search through the wide number of applicants. With a basic purpose to assist the human resource management system when loads of applications become too bulky to handle and the recruiting process becomes tough Applicant Tracking System is the most beneficial tool for a company. Not to mention a few, this article will highlight 20 basic advantages of the Applicant Tracking System that will make you realize the importance of having one for your business.

1. Saves Time

The topmost advantage of an automated Applicant Tracking System is that it saves a lot of time when compared to conventional application processing and hiring procedure. By eliminating the manual posting and listing on job boards, then filtering out the irrelevant applications, this whole process is done in a matter of seconds rather than spending hours on it.

2. Flexible system for both Employer and Employees

Having a peaceful and painless application system is both beneficial for the employers and the employees. When it comes to employees, a well-organized hiring system will make the whole application procedure easy thus giving them an impression of a properly managed and well-automated organization. In such cases, more high-quality talent would be interested to apply for the job thus the chances to acquire a talented team will greatly increase. Due to the Applicant Tracking System, applicants can apply with just a click directly through their social media profiles without going through the hurdles of filling extensive forms and searching for application tab on the websites. Similarly, employers can overview all the application systematically from social media platforms and screen through them.

3. Better Overview of Applications

Through keeping all the documents in the applicant monitoring program, you have all the details you need in one location. You can easily switch between apps, compare candidates, change candidate status, select candidates, and scan candidates without leaving the program. In turn, you remove the risk of a submission being missed or trapped on a team member’s desk, so you will be aware of any repeat applications.

4. Easy Job Posting

An Applicant Tracking System lets you upload the job advertisements on several platforms with a single click. You do not need to set up and manually log in to individual accounts from each social platform and post the job. Moreover, you also do not need to keep a track of each social media platform and results generated from each post individually. An automated Applicant Tracking System will gather the analytics from each platform and then represent it collectively. 

5. Improved cost per hire

Since we all know most businesses cannot invest hundreds of dollars ongoing through the expensive screening process, every time they have to hire new talent. Similarly, these businesses cannot afford to hire the wrong resource because of an inefficient screening process, as it could cost them much more afterwards. Tim Sackett, one of the most famous recruitment experts in the world says Applicant Tracking System to be one of the most affordable and amazing recruiting technologies ever. He believes that this technology has made even SMBs able to carry out a competitive recruiting process. According to him: “SMB shops can move faster to integrate the latest and greatest tech on the market. It’s such an exciting time to be in talent acquisition, the availability of world-class technology is transforming how we all recruit on a daily basis.” Ever since the introduction of the Applicant Tracking System in the market, the cost per hire has reduced tremendously. 

6. Improved Quality of Hire

As a saying goes: “Early Bird Catches the Worm” According to research, 80% of recruiters claim to have an improved quality of hire ever since they incorporated Applicant Tracking System in their businesses. Another research says that the application of a talented and qualified class candidate stays for 10 days approximately. By speeding up the recruitment process that too with the high quality you can easily grab the talented opportunities which could have been occupied by other competitive business. 

7. Improved Inter-Department Communication

A strong interior is what leads to a confident exterior. One of the main problems faced during the recruitment process is insufficient information and poor communication between the departments. An Applicant Tracking System allows improved communication among the recruiting team members and also with others who are involved in the whole process. It also allows, to send messages easily to multiple people and assign tasks in an organized timeline. Moreover, all team members can participate, leave notes, ratings and also feedback on each applicant.

8. Faster and better decisions

When it comes to hiring a workforce for a company, there is no chance of mistake and a single wrong decision can prove detrimental to the company’s financial position. An Applicant Tracking System gives complete access to all applications and presenting them on the same front helps in making better and faster systems. The opportunity to access feedback, reviews and contact with the candidate from all the getting missing, because you can quickly locate it in a single click, allowing a quicker decision-making cycle.

9. Promotes Collaborative hiring

Collaborative hiring allows a company to have a more organized approach towards developing a more diverse and talented team. Applicant Monitoring Programs come with innovative apps that make it easy to employ collaboratively. HR departments can effectively and efficiently exchange feedback and reviews with each candidate and lead a joint decision-making process in which each recruiter has a voice.

10. Entire Recruitment Cycle speeds up

The benefit of having all applicant’s information centralized and organized in a single platform allows recruiters to have faster access to the hiring process overview. Once the Applicant Tracking system is installed everything from receiving applications to narrowing down the suitable candidates, scheduling interviews and hiring the right person for the job everything catches up a pace that makes the whole cycle faster. Automated contact capabilities also improve the recruiting process, allowing it easier to have general follow-up and transfer applicants to the next level. Finally, the Candidate Tracking Program helps recruiters to build and manage a more effective workflow.

11. Improved Candidate Experience

A user whether hired or not will have an impressive user experience with an automated Applicant Tracking System. A more efficient hiring and application process is the key to success for your business. These same candidates can speak favourable words about your business which will help you attain a strong position in the market.

12. Improved Employer Branding

A strong Employer branding is what makes a favourable impression of the company. Having an attractive employer branding is so important that it helps a business secure a strong position in the market. A good employer brand will make a significant difference by encouraging a passive employee to enter the business. Using ATS, you can evaluate, assess and develop your employer’s branding strategy. Get more information about how to improve the reputation of your boss.

13. Lower bounce rates on Job ads

Nothing is more frustrating than a job advertisement that gets bounced now and then. This throws away all the hard work in the trash. This could lead to starting the whole process from scratch. Applicant Tracking System is a simple and improved solution to a better understanding of how to post and carry out job advertisements and what ways to have a better result from them. Using ATS will help you maximize the time spent on the web page and thus increase the number of applications.

14. Streamlined Recruitment Process

Applicant Tracking System makes the whole Recruitment process easy to manage and execute. With a streamlined development between the successive tasks, the HR department can easily manage and review multiple applications in a few hours which could otherwise take days. 

15. Riddance from unnecessary resumes

Most of the time, people apply for a job blindly, without paying heed to what are the requirements of the job and whether the applicant meets all of them or not. in such cases, there is a lot of frustration on HR’s end who has to filter through hundreds of applications and then filter out the relevant to job applicants followed by filtering the most suitable ones for the task. For the Candidate Tracking Program, recruiters no longer need to continuously search their addresses for something else. Applicant monitoring software collects resumes you collect and displays applicant data in a manner that makes comparisons short and convenient.

16. Easy interview scheduling

How wise it is to give chance to some of the most talented minds in the market, but how tough it gets when allotting time slots to each one of the candidates then making sure no time clashes with the other so each candidate gets equal opportunity to express their abilities. When taken from HR, most of them believe calling each candidate and fixing their interview timing is a lot of more hectic tasks than scheduling the interviews itself. This consumes a lot of time and also gives rise to much confusion leading one or two mishaps during the scheduling inevitable. Applicant Tracking System can send automatically generated emails to the shortlisted candidates which can inform them for interviews thus saving a lot of time and hurdles for the Human Resources department.

17. Better Utilization of Budget

When it comes to recruiting, it is difficult to identify the right direction as to where to spend the budget. This confusion can lead to a lot of unnecessary spending by a company which leads to losses for the company. By sending job advertisements to multiple mediums and channels a business can spend a lot of value when in reality it should have only invested in the right social platform. Applicant Tracking System finds out the most suitable platform to invest in through several personalized data collection techniques.

18. Wider Scope of Audience

A limited reach will only bring limited talent. If a business wants to hire the best, it needs to spread its wings in the market and let a wider audience know how they are looking for a compatible individual. And widening your scope in today’s competitive world is a tough task. With so many mouths to hear from, the audience often gets confused about what to pay attention to and what to ignore. An Applicant Tracking System makes reaching the right audience possible easily through SEO techniques.

19. Auto-generation of Accurate Reports

Applicant Tracking System not only helps with the process but it also gives a hand when it comes to keeping a check and balance of the entire workflow. Applicant Tracking System is efficient in creating Auto-generated Accurate reports in real-time. This is done by collecting data from different parts of the process containing job posting to monitoring the execution of the whole task. ATS system can analyze the efficiency of social platforms and how well they are generating performance while allowing analyzing each platform differently. This helps companies identifies loops and holes in the processes and use them to improve the lacking.

20. Improved GDPR

Data Privacy is the biggest concern when it comes to providing information to a new untrusted source. Especially when the whole procedure is automated most of the people are not convinced that their data would be not be revealed to any other sources or publicly which makes them hesitant towards proceeding with this medium. Despite new GDPR regulations being enforced and data security as a whole being more internationally regulated, it is important to find a way to manage the personal data safely and efficiently.

Having a secure Applicant Tracking System lets businesses stay away and safe from all unnecessary processes of shuffling through unwanted applications that waste a lot of time and resources. Besides that, it also speeds up the whole process. You can find all the tools that match your needs and interests and provide a user-friendly platform for both employers and employees leading them towards a market system of the improved hiring process. All of these benefits are crucial to your company’s long-term success. 

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