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5 Major Reasons Why Agency Recruiters Should Sign Up For Recruit CRM's ATS

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Recruit CRM Published on Aug 20, 2021

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There's no doubt in the fact that Recruit CRM has the power suit to help your recruitment agency grow by optimising the hiring process. From sourcing candidates, maintaining client and candidate relationships to resume parsing, we are doing it all for you.

Trusted by more than 70 recruitment agencies worldwide, we have not just optimised your recruiting sales pipeline but also made sure each and every single query of our customers were met with an answer by the customer success team.

Starting from being the highest-rated software in the recruitment software category on Capterra, we have come a long way.

Greg Taylor, Managing member of Xactly by GTE says, "The product is so easy to use and is backed by easy to find videos of each component which allows for ongoing training and renewal of knowledge...what makes them historically valued in my mind is their amazing customer service. You get the feeling that they are down the hall in your building because no matter what time, day or night they make it their business to resolve your problems. In my career, they would rank as the best ever in customer service. I hope I can get my company to their level."

We boast of a strong feature-rich Applicant Tracking System and we are beyond excited to let you know that you can do so much more with our recruiting software. From bulk emailing, requesting updated CVs from candidates, customising your own fields, strong boolean search, hotlisting candidates etc. we have brought you a power-packed system for hiring.

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Why Should You Invest In Recruit CRM's Applicant Tracking System?

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Let's take a look into how Recruit CRM can be beneficial for agency recruiters, its top functionalities and a few major software updates.

1. Recruiters Can Source Candidates Using Our Chrome Extension

We have made candidate sourcing so much easier with the introduction of our chrome extension. Our chrome extension was built with the main purpose of helping recruiters get more done within a short span of time.

Starting from candidates, companies and contacts, agency recruiters can source from various platforms such as LinkedIn, Xing, ZoomInfo etc. with a single click. Here's an article that can help you set up Recruit CRM's chrome extension on your browser.

Recruiters can add notes, tasks, jobs, hotlist candidates and more with this chrome extension and once you click on "Done", the data gets transported to your Recruit CRM database.

Worried about duplicate candidate records in this process? Our system recognises any data that already exists in your database. It just updates it with new information (if any) captured by the chrome extension to the candidate profile.

"When it comes to recruiting for new staff, it is typically a painful process to filter through relevant candidates especially across multiple platforms. So having something like this is perfect for us and our team to save time and improve efficiency as we seek out new web design and IT team members."

-James Leversha (Top Notch IT & Web)

2. You Can Share All Your Jobs On Social Media Platforms

We understand the power social media holds these days. Just like we've made sourcing candidates a piece of cake, here's another feature of our Applicant Tracking System that lets you share jobs on all social media platforms such as— Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

You can either go for "one-click" postings for major social media sites or copy the job application URL and paste it on any job board or a site of your choice.

We have also made it more user-friendly by letting recruiters add an image and text of their own choice while sharing job postings.

3. Lets You Parse Resumes In Seconds

Our team has worked hard in creating a powerful resume parser that lets recruiters upload and parse resumes into Recruit CRM. Now you can create a candidate database in seconds!

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The resume parser captures basic details such as a candidate's name, phone number, email, city, social media profile URLs and more. Our parser also stores all of the text in a candidate's resume in the backend making it easily searchable via our strong Boolean search.

4. Measure Your Team Performance With Data & Analytics

Recruit CRM offers 5 kinds of reports that lets your team get a better insight into your performance and how your business is operating. The 5 reports are as follows—

  • Team KPI report: Measure how your teams are performing. Choose your own KPIs for instance— candidates added, emails sent, jobs added, candidates in different stages of the hiring cycle, payments received and so on. For Team KPIs we generate a quick chart with all your data in it that you can easily export via a CSV file.
  • Job statistics report: This is very similar to that of the client performance report mentioned below but the only difference is here you can specialise that for specific jobs. For instance— if you're hiring for the role of a store manager for IKEA, you can take the role of "store manager in IKEA Atlanta" and run a report on just that.
  • Candidate lifecycle report: Check which candidate is in which stage of your hiring pipeline.
  • Client performance report: Measure how many candidates you've sent to your clients, how many have been interviewed or selected, the amount of money they've given you, the number of invoices you've raised and more.
  • Deals status report: Check whether your deals are open, in progress, or lost via this report. Select a date range and our system generates a report of the status of your deals.

5. Change Your Sales Stage Using Our System

As your recruitment database starts increasing with time, it's essential for recruiters to separate them into several categories. The stage feature in Recruit CRM system lets you do just that.

You can set up your own stages, add multiple stages from the sales pipeline making your entire pipeline customisable. However, only admins in the account will have permission to customise the fields.

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If you're looking for an Applicant Tracking System that is not a one-size-fits-all option and is specifically tailored to suit your recruitment needs, then you've reached the right place. Sign up for a free demo or a no-commitment trial now to know more about us!