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Recruiters Must Look Out For These 8 Features In An Applicant Tracking System

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Recruit CRM Published on Dec 12, 2020

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From helping in smoothening out the entire recruiting process to job advertisements and candidate interviews, an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is definitely a boon for Talent Acquisition professionals. If a recruiter has never used an ATS before, the entire process of choosing an ATS can be daunting, because he/she will probably be unable to shortlist what are the features they want to look at. An Applicant Tracking System basically manages a lot of functions, from candidate sourcing, automating tasks, advanced search, proper data customizations and so on. In one simple phrase, it'll help you configure your hiring needs like a piece of cake!

There are thousands of feature-rich ATS in the market but what matters the most is not the number of features but the most crucial and effective ones. Using insight and proper feedback from our past and current clients, Recruit CRM has narrowed down 8 such remarkable features that you must be searching for when trying to choose an ATS/CRM for your agency.

8 Outstanding Features Of An Applicant Tracking System That Recruiters Must Search For

Tick the boxes if you find these 8 features in an ATS because you're on your way to choose a winner!

1. The Best Customer Support

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When a recruiter first starts using an ATS, they're definitely going to have innumerable questions that they want answers to. That's why it's highly significant that the ATS you're choosing is able to provide you with the best customer support, something which is immediate and professional. Look into an ATS that comes built-in with live chat support, or via email or phone. Apart from this, your ATS should also be able to provide you with a training programme that lets you understand its features in detail. For instance, how to set up the careers page, how to use the resume parser, various integrations and so on. If you're not someone who prefers the self-serve option, this is something very essential when it comes to choosing a good ATS.

2. Can Be Customized & Configured According To Your Needs

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Every recruitment agency or company has its own specific needs. Therefore, choose an ATS that can be customized as per your requirements. See if you can change the user settings, add more users, candidate requirements or personalize each search. An Applicant Tracking System that can be tweaked to make your own will be the ultimate winner!

3. Will Help You In Sourcing Candidates

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Imagine a circumstance where your client has asked you to hire for them, but you don't have a talent pipeline in place? How do you even manage to recruit? This is where a proper ATS comes into play.  A powerful ATS with a good candidate sourcing feature will allow you to enrich your talent pipeline and help you hire for roles that are hard to fill. Try and understand if with the ATS that you have chosen, you can connect with candidates in a few clicks or not, does it have all the aggregate information regarding the prospective candidates? Is the search accurate? With all these questions answered, you've your reliable ATS in your hands.

4. Will Make Managing & Scheduling Interviews Easier

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Another important aspect of an Applicant Tracking System is that of its ability to manage and schedule interviews with prospective clients. You need to verify how much can your ATS actually automate. A good ATS will integrate candidate interviews seamlessly with everyone's calendar. As a result, the more structured the interview is, the greater the chance of receiving positive real-time feedback. Once your ATS lets you integrate various other small features like that of interview scorecards or other interview kits, it will help you in giving every single one a positive candidate experience. You can give them an equal opportunity to shine and assure them that they were all equally assessed and no form of unconscious bias had taken place.

5. Proper Reports & Dashboards

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So consider that you've finished hiring a candidate. But at what cost?

To make better and informed decisions in the future, and to improve your recruitment strategy, you'll need to take help of reports and analytics. Most of the time, recruitment agencies will have to refer to these reports to gain meaningful insights so that they can own every bit of their business. So, you will need to choose an ATS that will provide them with powerful KPI reports which will help you in the long run.

6. Excellent Customer Relationship Management

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Get your hands on an ATS that will let you manage your candidates properly and nurture meaningful relationships with them. Once you're able to tag, filter or write down notes on your candidate database, keep yourself updated with information on each record, view several related contacts and jobs and experience a strong Boolean search where your candidates match the exact criteria, then you've definitely landed on the right leaf. Always remember any exceptional CRM will let you help in contact management, lead management, document and pipeline management and most essentially will strive towards assisting you in automation.

7. Top Notch Security

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Whenever you're dealing with data, high-grade security and stability is a must. Research whether the ATS meets all the security standards. Always look for uptime guarantees and ensure that all the interactions are protected by SSL sessions and passwords.

8. Must Be Mobile-Friendly

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Whether you want to hire-on-the-go or even if your schedule is jam-packed, your ATS should be mobile-friendly in that case. Moreover, 77% of job applications are now done via a cellphone. As a result, recruiters will need to manage the recruitment process on the go as candidates are using their mobile to search and apply for jobs more. The ATS you're eyeing at should be designed flawlessly so that it fits the criteria to be mobile-friendly and also can easily adapt on every device.

Note: It's Time To Book Yourself A Free Trial!

Even if your ATS ticks all the boxes based on the above checklist, it's advisable to sign yourself up for a free trial and use it for a month first. Put your Applicant Tracking System to test and find out whether it can smoothly handle all that you're looking for. Try answering if you practically love using it and only then should you consider buying a plan. Set yourself up for a FREE TRIAL here and the best part? You don't even need a credit card!